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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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question of the day. it all began 3 miles below this house, a rumbling you could deal in your gut. -- feel in your gut. >> no rest for the weary as an earthquake shook thousands of residents awake. >> i thought it was a fighter jet. it was scary. it was a weird feeling. >> 911 call centers got slammed with a startled citizens wondering what woke them up. >> i was sound asleep. it woke me up. the house literally are rumbled. >> my whole house just rumbled. >> we're trying to determine whether it is weather-related. it is a county-wide. >> this was felt from pennsylvania to virginia, with people in between describing everything from a sleeping through it to being jolted out
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of bed. >> i have a puppy and she looked at me like i do not think we have to go out right now. >> the epicenter was beneath this home in germantown. neighbors heard their windows rattle, but say that beyond that it was just a shock to the system. >> i did not want to move to california to experience the earthquakes out there. >> a second quake hit a few miles away a few minutes later. experts say that we should not worry that something more serious is coming. >> earthquakes here are very infrequent. chances are nothing more significant will happen. there may be another aftershock or to do. >> and virtually no damage or reports of any injuries. not much to show, thankfully, for the quake of 2010, but it has given us all plenty to talk about.
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>> thank you. are some more details about this morning's earthquake. what does not compare to what people on the west coast to deal with, it was the strongest earthquake to hit within 30 miles of the district since 1974. experts say that even though the quake was weak, it was felt by more people because earthquakes in the east can be felt over an area 10 times larger than the west coast appeared >> we have gotten your e-mails from all over the area. one woman writes, over in montgomery county, margaret writes: writes:right for more on what people heard and saw, go to
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>> for more on what people are feeling this and of the week, it is the heat. temperatures were in the 90's today and we are under a heat advisory. more on that from our chief meteorologist, doug hill. what kind of temperatures can we expect this weekend? >> our story is that the advisory will continue until 9:00 tonight. the temperatures will fall very slowly this evening. thundershowers are possible tomorrow, maybe in the morning, maybe in the afternoon and into sunday. but it will not be a rainy weekend. debitors are coming down a couple of breeze from current -- temperatures are coming down a couple of degrees from earlier in the day. a quick look at our stormscan. we have a couple of showers forming north of the metro area, just north of frederick.
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we will talk more about our rain possibilities for the rest of the day and the weekend coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you. gains made on wall street were wiped out in one day. the dow closed down. there is weak consumer demand and a weaker than expected quarterly revenues for bank of america and citigroup. >> so far so good for the cap on the gulf -- on the well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. a well integrity test is underway right now. we have the latest. >> a little bit of perspective. this has been going on for 88 days. everyone is thrilled to have a 24 hour time that we do not see oil coming out of that well, but keep in mind that the pressure readings are not where they want them. we do not get too excited, something the president tried to remind everyone of today.
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the cap that is seen is holding strong. one day into the testing, it appears no oil is leaking anywhere else. but all around washington this morning were words of caution. >> there are a lot of reports coming out of the media indicating that this is done. we will not be done until we actually know the we have killed the well and that it will stay that well. -- stay that way. >> celebration is premature. it is important to know that a pipe did not burst or that the well is not leaking somewhere else. it is all about the numbers. bp is getting ratings of around 6700 psi. they want them to hover between 8000-9000 psi. low numbers could mean a leak. for now it is clearly encouraging. >> it is way too early to celebrate. >> if it does hold, they can
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keep it capped until they kill the well or directly syphon the oil to production ships above. either way, it would mean the cleanup crews can finally get a hold of the problem and began writing checks to the thousands who are in need. >> if the oil has stopped flowing, that makes it easier for us to begin to corral the type of claims that will -- that we will know better where the oil is going to go. >> of the relief wells are still weeks away from completion. when they do go into process, it will mean putting mud into the well and shutting it off for good. >> thank you and so much. west virginia governor joe manson has chosen -- joe manchin has chosen hart goodwin to
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replace the late senator robert byrd. >> i will have no agenda other than to work and fight hard every day for west virginia. >> the 36-year-old will hold the seat until november when the governor will ask voters to elect him to serve the final two years of robert byrd's term. he is expected to be sworn in next tuesday. >> what caused a parking garage to collapse? >> the ceo of apple addresses complaints about the new iphone 4. >> it is hot up there, but for how long?
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>> loudoun county authorities are looking for a customer who pulled a gun at a gas stations. he pointed at three customers and made threatening remarks. he left the scene in a light- colored car, possibly a toyota corolla. anyone with information should call the county sheriff's office. >> rescuers are trying to reach a person collapsed in a collapse -- a person trapped in collapsed parking garage. rescue crews can see one person trapped in a car but cannot get
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to them for fear of another collapse. there is no word yet on the present condition. >> steve jobs as they are not perfect and he is offering three fixes for the iphone 4. 3 million people who have already bought the iphone 4 can now get a case that will fix the reception problem. the $29 they must pay for the cases will be refunded. >> next, it is déjà vu in maryland. there is one thing that the gubernatorial competitors agree on the. ough. >> mother nature may present none at st. andrews today. we will talk about the running backs situation with the redskins. backs situation with the redskins.
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i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right.
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>> and the maryland governor's race is heating up. >> it may seem eerily familiar, because the same two men are going after the state leadership. >> we sat down with the governor o'malley and bob ehrlich to get
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their take on the race. >> governor o'malley was in baltimore touting new jobs today. one person says he gives the governor high marks for helping his business grow during the recession. >> we've had to make tough decisions as people and does a state to safeguard our children's future and expand opportunities. >> but the race is heating up. real clear politics called it a dead heat. >> that is also where it stood on the eve of the race four years ago. >> o'malley says that voters are still hurting from the recession. but he says that under his leadership, maryland has done better than most states. >> we have held onto our job base better than almost all other states. >> robert ehrlich agrees on what the race is about. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> back on the campaign trail,
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robert ehrlich admits that he got fired by voters in 2002. he attributes that to problems in washington. today he says he is a better candidate. >> that is the message going to surrounding states, surrounding regions and the world. >> he cites taxes and regulators for being unfriendly to business. >> what are you doing? this does not help people. emirate's maryland. it hurt our business reputation. -- it hurts maryland. it hurts our business reputation. >> if you had quite a story about your experience in anchorage. >> there was an earthquake well i was in the movie theater. it was a 5.0.
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it felt like somebody picked up the movie theater and drop it, pushed it to the side and started shaking it. >> and then you came back here and we had one for you again. >> and two in one week. >> let's go to the doppler radar to show you what we are watching. there is going to be a heavy downpour and some lightning and thunder near frederick. showers and thunderstorms are building right there. another area is coming across loud and county. -- loudoun county. we will see a couple of opportunities tonight for showers and thunderstorms ar. at george washington university, it is 95 but feels like it is 100. here in arlington, it is 96 but feels like one a one.
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in annapolis, 87. the winds are starting to change and bring in a bit of a breeze. the official high temperature was 98 at national airport today. the record high is one of four knesset in 1988. -- 100 four, set in 1988. the whole mid-atlantic has this high heat, but relief is not far away. it will get down to 77 by tomorrow morning. but during the day will go right back into the 90's. there will be a lot of hot and humid air. count on temperatures in the low-90's for the next seven-
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eight days around the area. the big question is when and where we will see showers and storms. they will be isolated today and tomorrow, maybe sunday and monday. it will be stuffy through the day tomorrow and really into next week. this is not going to go away. the beaches look much better for the weekend. tomorrow will be in the 90's. that is the bottom line. the beaches look just fine. the next seven days, a straight shot of a 90's, with isolated thunderstorms through the middle of next week. >> we are going to talk about the british open. >> a lot of eyes are on at tiger woods, but there were new people
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on the leader board today. day two prove much more difficult -- proved much more difficult than the first. the leader went out before the wind picked up. he had to deal with the rain, but he still shot 5 under. he leads at 12 under par. the wind came, and as you can see, it wreaks havoc on everybody's game. they had to stop play for an hour. when players struggled big time. he is one under par. john daly shot 6 under par yesterday. today he shot four over. he still has a lot of work to do. tiger woods had to devote these early -- two bogeys early. he is still in contention. now we go from st. andrews to
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lake tahoe where some of the biggest names in sports entertainment tv oeed off. there were super bowl winners it took a break to chat with their cuts. we -- with the coach. we spoke with them. >> there is a lot of competition, as you like to put it. what are you trying to accomplish? >> we want to see which guys are going to work. it was very positive. we got everybody in the off- season. everybody is working to be the best player they can be. i think that is where it starts. we will see how they play a game situations. i know we have a lot of talent. the guys aren't very good shape -- the guys are in very good
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shape. >> the nationals are looking to turn things around on the road. despite being 11 games under 500, they will get some help tonight when they take the mound against the florida marlins at 7 p:05 p.m. watch him dishing it out last night. how about this pass? the wizards of the dallas 88-82. they will play the hornets in the summer league action tonight. some young cleveland fans are raising money for the honor of the cavaliers. they are charging $0.50 per cup of the lemonade, hoping to make a dent in the the fine he received for criticizing lebron james. he is not pocketing the lemonade money, do not worry.
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he plans to send the proceeds to the cleveland cavaliers at youth fund. bling way when out on the lebron fund. bling way when out on the lebron james defense again --
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this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now.
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>> at the end of this dramatic friday, what can we expect on the weekend? >> there are a couple of things on the live super doppler. an area right over loudon county has a very heavy downpour. a quick look at our temperatures. they will be in the 90's for the next several days. there is no rain out, just isolated storms. >> hot and humid in july, how
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